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JSB Rules and Regulations:



2.    All persons attending the Jacksonville Star Ball (JSB) whether as spectators, competitors,
or guests of officials shall be bound by the NDCA rules and by participating in the events are
automatically obliged to adhere to them.


3.    No responsibility for the loss or theft of personal belongings can be accepted by the organizers,
the NDCA, JSB, American Tango Inc., or Sarwat Kaluby nor can they be liable for any injuries
sustained while attending the FCCDC. Everyone attending does so at their own risk.


4.    JSB will not be held liable for any personal charges made at the hotel.
All participants must pay for their own personal charges, room service, etc.


5.    Student may enter in three consecutive levels and one lower age division
(i.e. Newcomer, Pre-Bronze, Intermediate Bronze, age division B and A) and may repeat the same in
the Challenge, Rising Star & Proficiency entries; they may also enter in the “open” entry of the same level.


6.    The Organizer reserves the right to refuse and/or cancel all categories and entries that do not materialize. 
In any category with three entries or less, the organizers reserve the right to eliminate the age and sex divisions, and merge competitors into one category.


7.    Competitors are requested to report to a designated area and check in at least
30 minutes prior to their scheduled heat.
Competitors who do not take the floor when called by the Master of Ceremonies will face
disqualification for that event.


8.    Everyone who attends a championship has, by his or her presence, irrevocably given and granted to JSB
their consent to use their name, voice likeness, acts, poses, appearances, and utterances as part of and in connection with any collateral material, videos or photographs which JSB may wish to edit and or alter for exhibition, transmission, distribution, solicitation, and sale in all fields and media throughout the world without limitations.
Any participant having an objection to being taped or to the possibility of being seen on tape or television should notify the producers in writing thirty (30) days prior to the commencement of the competition.


9.    Late Entry Fees: All entries not postmarked by September 7th, must add the 

$50.00 late fee per person.
(Including Teachers)


We understand that at times it is necessary to submit late entries, but feel that if all concerned could understand the ramificaions of late entries it would help to mitigate this problem to some degree.

The processing time for entries received before the entry deadline could take about 5 minutes for 5 entries, and 30 minutes for 100 entries.  However, the processing time for entries received after the entry deadline, and after the program has been prepared, increase exponentially - to as much as 15-20 minutes for 5 entries, and up to 4-5 hours to process 100 late entries.

You may wonder why late entries take significantly longer to process. When an organizer finalizes the schedule, each late entry then requires individual attention to ensure that it fits seamlessly into the program. This involves meticulously evaluating each dance and making adjustments to accommodate them within the existing schedule. The added complexity of late entries can create pressure on the affected couple, the competition registrar and the organizers.

To ensure a smoother process and avoid any last-minute frustrations for all, we encourage all participants to submit their entries before any entry deadlines.  By doing so, you will help all concerned to maintain the quality and efficiency of the event, in addition to providing you and your fellow participants with a better experience.



No exchange or refunds will be made on admission tickets.


11.    Cancellations received in writing prior to September 7th (3 weeks prior to the event)
will be credited to Jacksonville Star Ball 2025. After this date, cancellations will not be refunded.
(We're SORRY, but there are NO EXCEPTIONS.)
Any refunds due will be made within four (4) weeks following the competition.
There will be no substituting of a student with another student during the entire event.


12.    Refunds will be considered only in case of an emergency and a doctor’s certificate is required.
Refunds will be mailed 30 days after the event. A 20% administration fee will be applied if cancelled after September 7th. Absolutely no refunds will be made at the event.


13.    Materials used should be based on any NDCA approved syllabus. International restricted to ISTD syllabus.


14.    No continuity style in Closed Bronze divisions.


15.    A minimum of 8 single dance entries, challenge entries, pro/am rising star entries, or proficiency entries
must be entered in the same style and level in order to qualify for each Pro/Am Scholarship.


16.    Adult Pro/Am Scholarships are open to ages 18 and above with no age divisions.
Scholarships are not included in the Pot of Gold or the Top Teacher.
If less than three competitors participate in a scholarship, prize money will be half of the stated amount.


19.    For participants with special diet needs, please contact us for arrangements (904) 338-9200.


20.    Acts of God, war, strikes, government regulations, disasters, civil unrest, labor disputes, transportation availability, shortage of materials or any other emergency making it inadvisable or impossible to provide
the facility and/or services associated with the production of a ballroom dance event do not pose a refund situation.


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